cocomelon abc alphabet flashcards

These alphabet flashcards for young ESL learners were made to accompany the ABC Phonics Song from CoComelon Nursery Rhymes and Kids' Songs. This set contains the following letter-word associations from the song:

  • A is for Apple
  • B is for Banana
  • C is for Cake
  • D is for Duck
  • E is for Elephant
  • F is for Fish
  • G is for Guitar
  • H is for Hat
  • I is for Igloo
  • J is for Juice
  • K is for Kitten
  • L is for Lemon
  • M is for Mittens
  • N is for Nest
  • O is for Orange
  • P is for Pig
  • Q is for Queen
  • R is for Ring
  • S is for Socks
  • T is for Teddy Bear
  • U is for Umbrella
  • V is for Vegetables
  • W is for Wolf
  • X is for X-ray
  • Y is for Yoyo
  • Z is for Zipper

Whether reinforcing lesson plans in the classroom or facilitating learning at home, these cards, along with our other ABC Phonics Song printables, provide a hands-on approach to building essential language skills for young ESL learners!

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