English Alphabet Puzzles free

Cut out the puzzles (on the straight lines only) and laminate them. Then, cut on the curved lines to get puzzle pieces. Have fun playing with your students!

These free two-piece puzzles were made to accompany the song Phonics Song 2 from KidsTV123. The set contains the following alphabet puzzles:

  • A is for apple
  • B is for ball
  • C is for cat
  • D is for dog
  • E is for elephant
  • F is for fish
  • G is for gorilla
  • H is for hat
  • I is for igloo
  • J is for juice
  • K is for kangaroo
  • L is for lion
  • M is for monkey
  • N is for no
  • O is for octopus
  • P is for pig
  • Q is for question
  • R is for ring
  • S is for sun
  • T is for train
  • U is for umbrella
  • V is for van
  • W is for watch
  • X is for box
  • Y is for yellow
  • Z is for zoo

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