Spaghetti Yogurt Memory Game | PowerPoint Game for Online ESL Classes

spaghetti yogurt memory game

This free PowerPoint memory game for online classes or smartboards was made to accompany the Super Simple song Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt?.

Use it review the following food vocabulary:

  • pancakes
  • tomato
  • yogurt
  • cookies
  • carrot
  • salad
  • spaghetti
  • cereal

How to play the game:

The game is played in Slide Show mode. The top part of the presentation contains a set of images and the bottom part contains their matches. In online classes, the teacher shares the presentation and clicks on the colored cards to flip them over according to the students’ instructions.

The students take turns flipping cards and looking for pairs. Every student can pick two cards only – if they find a pair, they get a point, but they still lose their turn. The winner is the student who collects the most points.

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