Get ready for a beach adventure with our downloadable printables – flashcards and worksheets – made to accompany the popular song Sea Animal Song from Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs! These printables are perfect for very young ESL learners in classrooms or at home, and are specifically designed to complement the song and help reinforce the vocabulary presented in the song:

  • seagull
  • crab
  • clam
  • turtle
  • dolphin

The activities include coloring, tracing, matching, counting and identifying the correct word in English, all focused on learning the names of different sea animals. In addition, the post includes downloadable flashcards featuring colorful illustrations of sea animals and the corresponding word in English, making it easy for young learners to remember and practice their new vocabulary. These printables are a great way to introduce young children to English in a fun and interactive way. Let’s dive into learning with Cocomelon!