Animal Groups Worksheet | Dice Game | Herd, Flock, School, Hive, Nest, Mischief, Bed, Town, Pride

animal groups worksheet

Look at the images on the right and fill in the missing letters. Cut out the images and play the dice game!

Dice game rules: Students take turns rolling the dice. Each image is assigned a number from 1 to 6. Students are allowed to paste an image onto the worksheet when they get its number on the dice. The winner is the first student to paste all the images!

This animal collective nouns worksheet was made to accompany the video Amazing Animal Groups from SciSciw Kids. The worksheet focuses on the following animal group names:

  • herd 
  • flock
  • school 
  • hive 
  • nest 
  • mischief 
  • bed 
  • town 
  • pride

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