over deep bue sea worksheet

Use a yellow pencil to trace the path of the pirate ship with yellow sails. What weather did the path lead to? Color in the little box next to the weather icon with the color of the ship's sails.

Write one of the following words under the weather icon: sunny, rainy, snowy, stormy, or windy.

Now do the same for all the ships!

This downloadable worksheet for young ESL learners is designed to accompany the super fun Super Simple song Over the Deep Blue Sea. Whether in a classroom or at home, this worksheet provides a valuable resource to reinforce the following weather-related vocabulary presented in the song:

  • sunny
  • windy
  • rainy
  • snowy
  • stormy
  • sea

Equip young learners with the essential weather-related vocabulary they need while making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. Dive into the deep blue sea of language learning our other downloadable ESL printables for this song and watch as children's language skills flourish!

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