Sígueme Super Simple Español Worksheet

Look at the pictures and fill in the missing letters. Cut out the images on the right and play the dice game!

Dice game rules: Students take turns rolling the dice. Each image is assigned a number from 1 to 6. Students are allowed to paste an image onto the worksheet when they get its number on the dice. The winner is the first student to paste all the images!

This worksheet for young Spanish language learners was made to accompany the Super Simple Spanish song Follow me ! Use the worksheet to teach/review the following instructions:

  • clap your hands
  • turn around
  • bend your knees
  • touch the ground
  • move your fingers
  • stand on tiptoe
  • stretch
  • greets
  • flutter
  • stomp
  • touch your back
  • Sit down

Check out our printables for this song suitable for young Spanish language learners in classrooms or at home!