boats and ships worksheet

Look at the images and fill in the missing letters to complete the names of different boats and ships. Cut out the images on the right and play the dice game!

Dice game rules: Students take turns rolling the dice. Each image is assigned a number from 1 to 6. Students are allowed to paste an image onto the worksheet when they get its number on the dice. The winner is the first student to paste all the images!

This downloadable worksheet for young ESL learners was designed to accompany the song What Do You See? Boats and Ships by Dream English Kids. This super fun worksheet offers a unique twist by incorporating a dice game, making vocabulary practice more enjoyable for young ESL learners. With a focus on vocabulary acquisition, this resource provides a structured and interactive approach to reinforce the names of the following boats and ships:

  • pirate ship
  • sailboat
  • cruise ship
  • oil tanker
  • speed boat
  • submarine
  • jet ski
  • canoe
  • cargo ship
  • kayak

Set sail on a vocabulary adventure with our downloadable printables for this song, and watch as young learners eagerly explore and expand their English language skills while having loads of fun!

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