What's This What's That Song Prop

Use this song prop while listening to the song What’s This? What’s That? from Super Simple Songs. During What’s this…? parts of the song, students point to  What’s this? cards which they have in front of them, and during What’s that…? parts of the song they point to What’s that? cards placed somewhere in the classroom.

The first page consists of What’s this? cards (for the students) and the second page has four What’s that? cards (for the classroom). Each student gets one student card, so print page 1 as many times as you need to have enough cards for all the students in your class. We recommend laminating the cards for durability. Page 2 only needs to be printed once. Tape What’s that? cards in visible spots anywhere in the classroom and enjoy the song!

This song activity works great in ESL/EFL classroom with young and very young learners!